A selection of transport
and EV- related sites

Light Rail Debate

Experiences with light rail and other mass transit systems

Personal Rapid Transit

An often-misunderstood technology

Innovative Transport

RUF Personal Rapid Transit

Information about unconventional (therefore innovative) transportation technologies. Some of these technologies are operational, some are under development

A very well constructed site - be sure to read the FAQ list


A high-tech commuter experiment in France utilising small Electric Vehicles

A starting point to just about any transport or energy conscious topic under the sun

Station Car Association

Electric powered commuter vehicles which  interface with various mass transit systems

More FlexiTrain

Rocky Mountain Institute
News about future systems and

A more technical description of the
vehicles and elements of a FlexiTrain (Graphics-intensive)

Electric Vehicles

A most astute assessment of future vehicle design. Some of the concepts have already appeared.

A primer about EV activities on the west coast of the USA.

EDF - Electricité de France Car

EV World is a great Web resource with current news, views and interviews about things happening in the world of electric vehicles

A French view of things electric. Some current projects and history.

Electric Vehicles FAQs

Unique Mobility

Everything you always wanted to know about Electric Vehicles

Some hi-tech electronics and a couple of interesting electric and hybrid vehicles

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