This is a multi-mode transfer installation:

  • A three-lane train assembly area ensures continuous train departures.
  • An inspection area adjacent to the emergency return gate can carry out repairs and supply vehicle certification on a regular (possibly bi-annual) basis.
  • A secure Park and Ride facility services passengers requiring bus-type services to their destination.
  • A FlexiTrain vehicle rental area is attached for short-term rentals. This could service incoming pedestrian traffic requiring a vehicle (via the FlexiTrain route) at the destination, as well as arriving FlexiTrain bus passengers requiring onward transportation. Charging bays are provided here.

At its destination, the train is simply brought to a halt and uncoupled. This would normally occur at a traffic light which would be signalled by the approaching train to turn red. Once all vehicles are uncoupled (a matter of seconds, automatically executed on command from the engine), the engine signals a "Green" preference to the traffic lights and proceeds to the next Staging Area to collect a train, while the commuters go on their individual way.